Frequently Asked Questions

Email us at [email protected] to make a reservation to visit and we will host you and provide a guide to walk you through the forest.

Yes, we wish to accommodate your wishes as best we can. We have created different areas honoring notable conservationist, such as Jane Goodall, David Attenborough, Bernard Grzimek, and others, (See our Honoree Section) and you can select which area you would like to place your plaque.

Kindred Spirit Cloud Forest is approximately 27.5 acres of virgin rainforest. Through this effort of placing plaques throughout the forest we are able to pay forest rangers to maintain our forest as well as the hundred of acres adjoining our reserve. Additionally, we continue to reforest within and along the forest fringes.

Kindred Spirit Cloud Forest KSCF will send a certificate stating the recipient is now a member of the KSCF Forest Guardians. The certificate will show a picture of the plaque, and additionally we will send a link for a video of the KSCF trails and wildlife. We also extend an invitation to visit this private reserve similar to the popular eco destination, Monteverde.

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