Lawrence "Larry" Ketover was a restaurateur in NYC, an artist who studied at Cooper Union and instructed alongside the iconic Moises Soyer at the Brooklyn Museum, a loving husband and an adoring Father.

As a restaurateur he served millions of meals in his lifetime to the customers of his "coffee shops" as he liked to call them. One such establishment, The Penn Colony Restaurant actually had more seats than any other restaurant in New York City for a period of time. Jiffy's Food Shops and Fritzl's Swift Swiss Snack Shoppe, were more the luncheonette style he preferred. Open early and home in time for dinner.

His art work was a constant in the lives of all the generations who have followed, and hope they will continue to do so for many more to come. One of the main ideas on LRK was that one's legacy is their offspring. What one leaves behind are the children and grandchildren, etc, etc, who will be the true legacy of a person.

Though a true New Yorker in love with the hustle bustle of the city, he was passionate about nature and spent hours creating his garden sanctuary with Japanese ponds and exotic flora.

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