How We Got Here

How We Got Here

From growing up in the “big city” to life under canvas in the African bush provided as diverse a vision of how one might chose to lead their lives as imaginable.

As young parents, we were eager to raise our children in as natural and welcoming society as possible. Thus, we moved to rural Costa Rica nearly thirty years ago.

Increasingly recognized as a world leader in environmental awareness, Costa Rica has switched the national consumption of energy entirely to alternative fuels. The country continues to be a leader in countless environmental movements. It has indeed proven to be an excellent base for our many environmental efforts.

Among the numerous conservation projects we have created during the past three decades in Costa Rica have included the development of wildlife corridors, recycling programs begun in small communities throughout the country, proposal of a marine center as well as a manner in which researchers would be able to share and benefit from their joint findings.

After a long and comprehensive search of forest lands from coast to coast, we were so very fortunate to have been able to secure primary forest land surrounded by protected reserves atop the Sierra Tilaran mountain range in central Costa Rica. Eager to continue the protection of this fragile habitat, in a manner fitting for our conservation ideals, we considered many strategies for this magical land. We were also aware that our next project could well prove to be our “swan song”.

The lack of acknowledgement of those who have dedicated their lives to conservation has always been a pet-peeve of mine. Be they iconic names like Attenborough and Goodall or the countless individuals whose lives are driven by a yearning to protect and conserve. These are the true heroes of our shared community, yet the lasting accolades and attention paid to these admirable individuals are miniscule.

Creating a manner in which to honor those who have had a special affinity with nature, and doing so in a manner which would provide benefit to continuing efforts to preserve and protect and educate vital resources is what ultimately led to the creation of the Trails of Remembrance.

Now, as the guardians of the Kindred Spirit Cloud Forest, we shall utilize all the knowledge and experience from the many years of involvement in conservation to strive to provide the greatest protection of the flora and fauna under our guidance.

And, to continue to raise awareness to the plight facing the environment and ways in which organizations such as Jane Goodall’s “Roots and Shoots” program are making great strides in improving conditions throughout the world and for the benefit of all life.

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